Terms of Service

This TOS applies to artwork commissioned from me and not for the online store. Please see the FAQ for information on store purchases.


Payment is conducted through paypal using invoices. Payments are expected in full within 72hrs of invoice arrival, unless otherwise discussed. Payments not made within that time frame will be cancelled. 


While there are ranges shown on this website all prices may change based on the complexity of your idea, or the way in which the image is going to be used. In order to get an accurate idea of what your commission will cost please email me first to discuss a quote. All quotes will be honored for 30 days. If 30 days have lapsed between receiving a quote and payment you may need to reapply as rates may have changed.

Quotes are not an agreement of payment, just a frame of reference for the client and their budget. You are under no obligation to commission me just because I have provided a quote. Comfortably stick to what your budget allows!

Time Frame

Projects are usually completed within 2-3 weeks of payment. Some projects may take longer than others based on complexity, size, etc. Large projects may take up to a month to complete.

All projects may experience delays if there is a lack of communication from the client, a large number of changes that need to be made, or unforeseen circumstances. If there is going to be a delay beyond control (such as delays for illness, emergencies, etc) the customer will be notified asap.

Convention deadlines cannot be honored unless slots are specifically designated for convention delivery beforehand. If being shipped the customer will receive a tracking number for their package once the label is created. If the customer elects not to have the item shipped, or the item is not eligible for shipping a digital file will be sent via email.


Works in Progress (WIP)

There are a few steps offered as WIP so the client can be comfortable with their commission. Not all steps will apply to your commission. For example: smaller commissions, such as headshots and badges, only the Sketch and Finished stages will be shown. Artistic freedom commission will also not follow this formula.

  1.  Thumbnail Stage – A very rough idea will be jotted down to see if the client likes the pose / idea / direction. This applies to large commissions.
  2.  Sketch Stage WIP – I will show you a (digital) cleaned up sketch and you can request any changes you’d like. I will redraw the image completely 1 time if needed and make small corrections up to 3 times. Any additional changes will add an additional fee of $5 per small iteration. Any complete re-draws beyond the first will be an added 30% of total commission price.
  3. Finished Image – This is the final painted / colored / shaded image of your badge. Artistic error (such as an incorrect color or missing a marking or item present in the ref sheet) will be changed for free upon customer request. Large changes to the image that were not present on the reference, not caught in the sketch state, or not in the original description may be added in but will requite an additional fee based on complexity.

    Please note: If you  have a specific idea in mind it helps to be as clear as you can before work begins. Please provide references that all have correct markings and features for the best results. Confusing references and directions can lead to multiple changes later on in the process that will delay the artwork. If you wish to see any stages in between the sketch and finished images (such as flat colors) please let me know ahead of time as they are not offered by default. Please do not request an Artistic Freedom commission unless you are OK having less control over the piece.


    Refunds will be given based on the work completed, unless cancelled directly by the artist.

    Due to the custom nature of certain commission WIPs cannot be resold as YCH and thus you will receive whatever work has been completed already along with your partial refund. If your commission is simple enough to be used as a YCH and resold a full refund can be discussed, but this is at the discretion of the artist.

    • 0% work complete = 100% refund
    • Sketch complete = 50% refund
    • Inking complete = 30% refund
    • 100% work complete = Only shipping will be refunded (if paid for)*

    Note: If the item is shipped and becomes lost in the mail or damaged a second copy can be sent free of charge. If the item is returned due to incorrect address at fault of the client, the client may have it shipped again for the cost of Shipping and Handling. Please let me know if you would like any shipping additions (such as insurance or signature confirmation) before paying your invoice as it will raise the cost of shipping.

    If you would like to receive a refund please contact me directly to work out your return.

    If I (the artist) cancel the commission before completion for any reason a full refund will be offered regardless of how much work have been done.

    Digital-Only Commission will not be shipped to the client.

    If you are in any way unhappy with your commission once it is complete please let me know within 14 days so we can work something out. Oftentimes I will be willing to make changes for an additional fee (free if they are small enough!), or give smalls refund or additions if a change isn’t possible (such as in traditional work). My goal is for you to be happy with what you paid for, so if you are not please reach out!

    Artwork Rights

    • I (the artist) retain full copyright to all images I create unless otherwise specified in a signed agreement. I retain the right to post images in any of my galleries or use the work in any form including advertising.
    • I maintain the right to reproduce any images I create for sale online, in person, or otherwise use the images commercially as prints, in CDs, in art collection books, etc. Rights to the original characters remain with their owners, where trademarked. The client may purchase exclusive rights to the artwork using a signed contract and incurring an additional fee.
    •  You (the client) will receive the rights to post the image wherever you please for personal non-commercial non-profit purposes.
    •  Reprint rights are limited to very small quantities for personal use (Ex: You may print the artwork for use as a badge, a print or poster for your home, a personal tattoo for your body, a very small 5-10 set of stickers, on a single shirt for yourself, etc).
    •  You do not have the right to mass produce and hand out the artwork for free (Ex: large quantities (over 10) of stickers or business cards) without displaying proper credit on each item distributed. Example of proper credit would be 'Art By' followed by my twitter handle (Ayceeart) or link to my website in a legible font that is reasonable for the item printed.
    •  The client has the right to edit the artwork for personal use by cropping and resizing as icons, backgrounds, twitter banners, etc. Any large additions or changes made to the artwork not made by me must be noted in any posting of the image (ex: it is OK if you get another artist to color my line art but credit must be given to both artists). Alternatively, you are free at any time to request updates to the artwork from me for a reasonable fee based on the amount of changes made and their complexity.

    If you have any questions about what you can or cannot do with the artwork please feel free to contact me. If you would like to purchase distribution or other rights please let me know.


    Note: If you contact me for a professional project (Film, Advertisement, Book Illustrations, Shirt Designs, Artwork to be sold commercially, etc) including full use rights to my artwork please keep in mind I charge professional prices for those jobs. This can include extra pricing for the rights as well as potential royalties for sales made on my work. For an example of these types of prices please make note of this usage calculator: to calculate the rights of the image (which exclude labor costs). If you do not state your project is for professional use and pay the licensing fees required it is assumed that you are only purchasing my time and are limited by the rights in this TOS. You may purchase the licensing fees to any work created by contacting me to discuss a price and creating a contract.