When Will My Items Ship?

I currently ship out items twice a week. If you need your item shipped faster lease contact me before placing an order. I try to get mail to the Post Office within 2-3 day of label creation

Will my items arrive in time for the Holidays?

I do not guarantee packages for holiday arrival. If you would like your package to arrive prior to the holidays placing your domestic (USA) orders before December 3rd is your best bet. Due to international shipping being longer placing your Holiday orders before November 20th is safest. These dates do not guarantee packages will arrive in time, but it gives them a good cushion.

Do You Ship Internationally?

I ship to almost every country, though there are a few restrictions.

AUSTRALIAN CUSTOMERS: Currently most mail options are suspended from the USA to Australia due to COVID restrictions as of 09/03/2021. The only option currently available is USPS Priority Mail Express which can be very price-heavy on smaller goods. I apologize for the inconvenience at this time and hope USPS resolves restrictions soon.

Note: if restrictions are lifted before I ship any items that use USPS Express the difference in cost will be refunded to the customer upon shipment.

UK CUSTOMERS:  Please use this Etsy Mirror in order to purchase items

CUSTOMERS IN THE EU: Starting July 1st 2021 All orders shipped to the EU are now subject to VAT upon import.  Please keep this in mind when making your orders. If an item is returned due to non payment of VAT shipping cannot be refunded. The customer will also be responsible for re-shipment.

For other international restrictions please click HERE

When will Pre-Orders Ship?

Items that are set to Pre-Order status will have their estimated shipping date or estimated window in the description of the item**. You will receive a tracking number as your item is being packaged. Please be aware, by default, if any in-stock items are ordered with the Pre-Order they will be shipped at the same time. If you wish the in-stock items to arrive first please make to separate orders as they will have to be shipped separately.

**If the listing has been taken down (due to being limited) feel free to contact me for a reminder of when the item will ship.

How Long Does Shipping Take?*

Standard shipping for US customers - 5-7 Business days

Priority Shipping for US Customers - 2-5 Business days

Shipping for international customers - 2-6 weeks

*Due to COVID-19 as well as the current state of the USPS, delivery times may be unreliable. Please allow some extra time for your packages to arrive.

My Items Are Stuck in Pre-Shipment. What Do I Do?

Packages enter pre-shipment when I purchase and print out a label for your order. I drop off packages twice a week so the shipping should update within 24-48 hours after drop off.

That said, if a package is stuck in the Pre-Shipment status for 7 business days or more there may be something wrong.

While it is incredibly rare, if you are seeing a Pre-Shipment status for over a week (and especially over 2 weeks) then there is a chance the post office has lost your package. If you feel this is the case please tell me! Once I know, I can file a claim with USPS for the lost package and ship you something new.

For international customers: you may see a delay in updates once the package leaves US customs. You should see an update once the items arrive overseas or are accepted by your local post.

In the rare case that I do not have the item in stock anymore you will receive a full refund for lost items.

When contacting me about the package please be sure to include the tracking number you were given, your full name, and order number.

How Are Items Packaged, Are They Discrete?

All items will arrive to you in an appropriate envelope or box with no outside information, logos, or markings on them. Customs forms will describe the item as the basic product. Ex: Pillowcase for Dakimakuras

Purchase should show up as SHOPIFY OR AYCEEART on your credit statements.

International Shipping is Expensive. Is There A Way To Make It Cheaper?

I do my best to charge what the cost of shipping and supplies / handling are as fairly as I can. Unfortunately, shipping packages internationally is just plain pricey! It's also hard to judge in catch-all pricing since every country is different. There is, sadly, nothing I can do to change these costs and they tend to rise every year.

That said here are very rare cases where the shipping that is charged is much more expensive than the package costs to put together and ship. I cross reference all costs and, in the rare case you heavily overpaid on shipping, I will refund the difference after I create the shipping label. This policy is entirely up to the store's discretion and will not apply to most customers.

Returns and Exchanges


Full refunds will be provided:

  • If product is damaged beyond use in the mail and you elect to return it. [ Photo proof of the damaged item must be sent within 72 hours of package arrival. If the package arrives damaged please take a photo of the unopened package before assessing interior damages. This helps me make claims with USPS. ]
  • If you request a refund before the item has been packaged and shipped.
  • The item is lost in the mail -- Tracking numbers will be consulted for this information. If the item appears to be lost in the appropriate time frame a refund or replacement will be given.
  • Please keep in mind: full refunds cannot be given for items marked as delivered to the address you provided. Please make sure your address is correct before submitting an order.

Partial Refunds

Only the price of the item itself (not the shipping) will be refunded IF:

  • The item has been shipped already. The customer will have to return the item for a refund.
  • If the customer accidentally orders the wrong item, or incorrect quantities of the item.
  • The item arrives damaged (with proof of damage given within 72 hours) but the customer elects to keep the damaged item. In this case a 10% refund will be provided on the base item cost.
  • The item is returned due to incorrect address and the customer no longer wants the item.


  • If the wrong item is sent by the seller OR the item arrived heavily damaged. The customer may request a new item and shipping will be free. [ Please provide photos of the damage/incorrect item within 72 hours of receiving them ]
  • If the wrong item is purchased by the buyer the customer may exchange the item for an alternate one but must pay for shipping label of the returned item and the replacement item. The  replacement item will be shipped once a valid return tracking number has been updated and the shipping invoice has been paid for.
  • You may exchange, remove, or add items in your order at any time before the order is packed by sending the store an email. Once packed I am unable to swap items.

Merchandise and Services

What Are Your Hours?

I work Monday - Friday and take weekends and holidays off. Emails and questions about your order will be answered during the hours of 12pm - 6pm mountain time (Denver, USA).

How Do I Wash My New Dakimakura?

While the absolute best method for keeping Dakimakuras looking great is to hand wash them you can also use a washing machine!

If using a machine I recommend turning the Dakimakura inside out if possible and using a cold wash with a gentle detergent (like Woolite). Hang and air-dry to keep colors vibrant.


Pet / Allergy Warning

I work from and store my merchandise in a small apartment that has pets (dogs). Due to this there may be a stray pet hair or two, most commonly in the outside packaging where the tape sticks. I do my best to store my items in a safe area where the pets can't reach or go, but people with pet allergies or sensitivities may want to wash any cloth items purchased before use.