Commission Information

Commissions are Closed

I am closed for custom artwork and quotes indefinitely. This price sheet will remain up for portfolio reference only. Please do not contact me for quotes, openings, or individual projects at this time.

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All prices below are in USD. These ranges are quick reference and are not intended as accurate quotes since each commission is different. Please read through my Commission TOS before you order.
All prices may increase based on character, idea, and background complexity. There is no extra charge for NSFW artwork, only extra variations.
Note: Images may be small, please right click and select 'view image' for a larger version
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Headshots / Small Badges: $150 each

Includes digital file depicting your character from the neck-up. Can have small props included. If you would like to add a name to your headshot to make it into a badge it will be +$20 to the base price. This commission type does not include a sketch work in progress stage.

Extra Detail Badge: $200 each

Includes printable digital file and chest-up view of your character with a nametag. Can have small props included in the character's hands, mouth, etc. This commission type includes a sketch work in progress stage.

Medium Badge: $250+

Includes printable digital file and thigh-up view of your character with a nametag. Can have small props included. Detailed clothing or props will add to the cost. This commission type includes a sketch and flat color work in progress stage.

Painted Detail Badges: $375+ 

Includes printable digital file and waist-up view of your character with a nametag. 3-4 Hobby/Interest items or props of the customers choice will be added around the border. This commission type includes a sketch and flat color work in progress stage for changes. More WIP stages may be added upon request or if needed.

 Printing, Laminating, and Shipping for badges is $10 for USA and $15 for International.

Illustration Commissions: Quote Only

Starting at $1200+

There are many ways a character can fit into a composition, as well as multiple characters. Because of this is it hard to have a base estimate for illustration commissions. If you have something in mind it is best to request a quote since each project can vary so greatly! The base price is for a single full-body character OR double half-body characters with Simple Color / Photo background.

Reference Sheets

    Prices are pick-your-own:

  • Full Body Pose +250$ each
  • Headshot/Large Detail +70$ each
  • Small Detail +40$ Each
  • Mini repeating clothing model +$80 for the first and +$40 each additional outfit
  • Alternate ref versions (such as SFW and NSFW edits) +60$ per extra version
  • Want something else not listed above? We can chat about it.


Custom Dakimakura: $2000+ per unique side

Dakimakuras can be any rating and price may increase based on complexity of the character design and idea.

Customer will receive a true-to-life png file that they can print themselves for personal use through whatever company they choose. They will also receive smaller versions for posting.

Thumbnail work in progress shots will be shown to the customer for pose ideas. Afterwards a rough sketch, followed by a detailed sketch will be shown for larger and more detailed corrections.These are the stages you are allowed to request large changes on. Once these stages are approved the flat coloring, followed by final stages will be shown. During this time only very small changes may be made to things such as markings.

Due to the size and complexity of the files only artistic error corrections can be made once the illustration is complete. Please make sure you are taking your time with the various WIP stages to catch larger errors. Any large changes that you need after detailed sketch approval will incur a fee depending on the change.

The rights to sell the daki are NOT included in the quote. If you would like to sell the artwork on a dakimakura a larger fee and specific contract will be needed. If you wish to sell your dakimakura through my store a royalties fee will be negotiated.

Payment plans are available for Dakimakuras in 50/50 increments or 25/25/25/25 increments as the projects proceeds.


For commercial work such as book covers, shirt designs, merchandise design, dakimakuras you'd like to sell, etc please email me for a custom quote when I am open. The above information is for personal commissions only and is bound to limited rights by my TOS