Fursona Pins Mystery 5-Pack

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Looking to start a collection or for some really cheap pins for trading? This might be a cool listing for you! I have a big collection of pins and I am looking to part with a few and for super cheap!

Please read below before purchasing!

- Each pack contains a RANDOM 5 Pins. That's only $5 a pin!

- All pins are created by https://www.fursonapins.com/

- Packs do NOT include pins found in my usual store (ie: Fox Socks, Avery, Terry, Ben, or Sandra)

- Packs will not contain duplicates of the exact same pin, though they may include variants or re-colors

Note: All purchases of this listing are final and not eligible for returns or refunds. While most items are of A-quality there may be a few which come with small factory defects such as light scratching or an off color fill. Almost all pins will come in their original packaging.